It is a Carbon Capture and Storage technology (CCS), however, what is innovative about “GásLimpo-CleanGas” is the reuse of wastes. For that, it could be called Carbon Capture Storage and Reuse technology (CCS-R).

This technology turns the molecules present in greenhouse gases and other pollutants - such as, CxHy, CO2, CO, NOx, SOx - into raw materials such as carbon and sulfur solids, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen or yet into energy which can be inserted in the productive process.

This reintroduction in the production chain may be accomplished by turning the new raw materials into Clean Semiconductors (amorphous carbon, nanotubes, fullerenes and graphenes). 

 “GásLimpo-CleanGas” main advantages, besides being a CCS-R technology, are low cost, high-efficiency treatment and reduced dimensions, which make it an outstanding tool for the treatment of waste gases.

This technology turns environmental liabilities into economic assets.

In 2009 “GasLimpo -CleanGas” was chosen by the Financial Times Climate Challenge as one of the best global innovations to tackle climate change. The competition aimed to raise the profile of green innovation and to find the best low-carbon innovations from around the world.

Main objectives of the technology
  • Decarbonization and inertization of greenhouse and other pollutant gases;
  • Production of synthetic gas (syngas) from greenhouse gases ( CH4 and CO2);
  • Destruction of contaminating gases (organochlorinated, toxins, dioxins, furans, etc.);
  • Production of amorphous carbon and nanotubes from greenhouse gases;
  • Transformation of an environmental liability into environmental assets (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen…).

The technology may be applied both on urban and rural areas

  • Gas exploration and oil wells;
  • Thermoelectric power plants;
  • Steel mills, cement plants, sugarcane  power plant, etc.;
  • All sorts of industries;
  • Urban, industrial and hospital wastes;
  • Biodigestors
  • Sewage treatment plants;
  • Landfills;
  • Transport: buses, trucks, trains, ships, cars, etc.;
  • Treatment of other pollutant gases (CFC, HCFC, etc.);
  • Treatment of contaminated oil with PCBs (askarel and others).

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