From the gases decarbonization by "GásLimpo-CleanGas" technology it will be resulted a great amount of amorphous carbon, nanotubes, fullerenes and graphenes which are semiconductors with wide applications in several products, such as, computers, mobile phones and also for photovoltaic electricity generation.

The main advantage of this type of semiconductor production compared to the traditional way of obtaining such elements is reentering an effluent in the productive cycle which would be a pollutant in the other way.

That reuse may also decrease the pressure under mining areas.

Hence, the production of Clean-Semiconductor is triggered by fully renewable and recycled raw materials (carbon and silicon).

Considering the amount of raw material (deriving from wastes) for the Clean Semiconductors, the idea of producing it on a large scale and at much lower costs than the silicon, usually used as a semiconductor, is quite feasible.

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